In accordance to the art. 13 Lgs. D. 30th June 2003, n. 196 (“Privacy Code”), of the art. 13 of the European Regulation n. 679 of 2016 (the “Privacy Regulation”), as well as the Recommendation n. 2 of 2001 implemented in accordance to the art. 29 of the Directive n. 95/46/CE, Futura Country House wants to iinform You and all the users and/or visitors of the website (respectively the “Users” and the “Website”), regarding the processing of personal information, the log files and the cookies collected through the Website itself.

  1. Title Holder, Managers of the processing of information and Manager of the Protection of Information

The title holder of the processing of personal information is:

Futura Country House Via Planina n. 18 - 60030 Monte Roberto (AN)
Tel 0731 775223
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The updated list of the designated Managers of the processing can be shown upon request of the ones interested and/or Users.

  1. The personal information that you provide by using the Website: for what purpose do we process them.

We need your information to allow you, through the use of the Website, to:

  1. Make contact;
  2. Get updates, through e-mail, regarding all our potential promotional initiatives and even direct marketing, therein included, as an example, the information regarding the last services offered by the commercial activity, the events and the advertising campaigns organized by the Title Holder, (the “Newsletter”);

Your data are processed for the following purposes:

  • fulfill the execution of the contract;
  • fulfill the Law obligations, also administrative and accounting;
  • effectuate the technical management of the Website;
  • distribute for you the Newsletter service by sending promotions, offers, and reserved discounts (through optional, free, and specific consensus);

The processing of information for the previous purposes will be effectuated pursuant to the Privacy Code, the Privacy Regulation and all the specific norms of the area therein included as stated by the “Rules of the Guarantor for the fidelity programs” of the 24th February 2005 and by the “Guidelines concerning the processing of personal information for online profiling” of 19th March 2015.

In accordance with the “Guidelines concerning promotional activity and contrast to spam” of 4th July 2013, we highlight that the consensus that you might grant for the mailing of commercial, promotional, and marketing notices through automatic means will extend to the traditional methods of contact as well.

The information you provided will be processed mainly with computer devices, but also through paper means, under the authority of the Title holder of the processing, from subjects specifically in charge, authorized and trained to the processing in accordance to the article 30 of the Privacy Code and the articles 28 and 29 of the Privacy Regulation. We inform you that suitable security measures are observed also in accordance to the articles 5 and 32 of the Privacy Regulation to prevent the loss of information, illicit or incorrect use, and unauthorized accesses.

  1. Mandatory or optional nature of the consensus for the provision of information, the consequences of a potential refusal and the juridical basis of the processing

You should know that for the ends as referred to the points (i), (ii) and (iii) of the previous art. 3, the provision of your personal information is mandatory, since in default of you won’t be able to benefit from the Sevices of the Website through the Website.

Conversely, the provision of your personal information isn’t mandatory, but optional for the ends referred to at the point (iiii) of the previous art. 3. The missed provision of the information for the ends here stated won’t allow us to provide the Newsletter to you. For this purpose, you will be free to decide whether to give your consensus or not for these ends as well and this won’t inhibit the ability to access to the Website Services.

Remember that, in any instance and at any moment, you will be able to ask the Title Holder for the cancellation of your information through a simple notice to be sent, without specific formalities, to the delivery addresses as stated at the previous art. 1.

Referring to the ends stated at the points (i), (ii) and (iii) of the previous art. 3, the juridical basis of the processing is in fact determined by the legitimate interest in proposing for sale the commercialized services and products in the E-commerce site, namely the execution of the services supplied through the Website and requested from You (in accordance to the article 6, clause 1, lett. b of the Privacy Regulation and the article 24, clause 1, lett. b of the Privacy Code); conversely, referring to the ends referred to at the point (iiii) of the previous art. 3, the juridical basis of the processing is your potential, freely expressed consensus (in accordance to the article 6, clause 1, lett. a of the Privacy Regulation and the article 23 of the Privacy Code).

  1. To whom and in what sphere can we transmit your information

Your information will be possible to transmit, inside the EU, in full respect of what is provided for from the Privacy Code and the Privacy Regulation, to the following subjects:

  • The financial administration and/or other public authorities, should it be imposed by the law or upon their own request;
  • External partners the Title Holder avails themselves of for the execution of administrative, financial, and accounting fulfillments;
  • the external structures, subjects and societies the Title Holder avails themselves of for the execution of related activities, meant to an end or consequent to the execution of the Website Services – here included the service of cloud computing storage, - at the mailing of the Newsletter;
  1. Your rights

Remember that at any given moment you can employ the rights referred to at the art. 7 of the Privacy Code and referred to at the articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, and 21 of the Privacy Regulation, by sending a written notice to the Title holder delivery addresses stated at the previous art. 1 and, as a result, obtain:

  • confirmation of the existence or not of your personal information with indication of its related origin, the ability to verify its exactitude or to require its updating, correction, integration;
  • the access, the correction, the cancellation of the information or the limitation of the processing;
  • the cancellation, turning into anonymous form or blocking of information processed in violation of law.

You will also be able to oppose to the processing of information about you.

In reference to the Newsletter, we highlight that your right to require the halt of processing made through automatic means of contact extends to the traditional ones as well. Furthermore, the ability to use this right only in part stays valid, namely requiring the interruption, for example, of the mailing of promotional communications made through one or some of the contact means for which you gave your consensus.

  1. Duration of the Processing

Exception made for the legal obligations, the personal information will be kept for a fixed period of time, based on criteria founded on the nature of the services provided. We specify that the information kept for marketing purposes (this is concerning the Newsletter service) will be kept and usable until the person involved will ask for its cancellation (or the exclusion from the service), employing the rights consented by the normative in force.

  1. Security Measures

Through the Website Your data will be processed respecting the applicable law and utilizing adequate security measures in respect of the normative in force, in accordance to the articles 5 and 32 of the Privacy Regulation.

In regard to this, we confirm the adoption of suitable security measures which have the aim of impeding unauthorized accesses, theft, distribution, modification or unauthorized destruction of your information.

  1. The provided information and the protection of the minor and the modality the consensus of the title holders of the parental liability over the minor is obtained with.

The consensus to the processing of personal information, collected on the Website, is preceded by the request to state in the form whether the User is over 16 years old, through the check of a specific box, otherwise the collection and processing won’t be made (and the contract won’t be finalized) unless the consensus is given by the person or people who hold the parental liability over the minor.

Therefore if the minor were to give false information to get to the desired data, despite the clear indications in the required information regarding age, the Title Holder of the processing won’t be able to consider themselves responsible, since they have no mean to verify preemptively the authenticity of the information.

  1. Privacy Policy Updates

The Title Holder reserves the right to make changes to the current Privacy Policy. In this case you’ll be promptly informed, in the moment you will use the Website again.

Futura Country House
Via Planina n. 17
60030 Monte Roberto (AN) – Italy
Tel. 0731 775223 - Cell. 339 6028304
Office Hours: Mon/Fri 08:00 - 18:00